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Buying a new car from one of the Chrysler dealerships in Westchester NY is a major event and like all major events it requires planning. The price you pay for your car at Chrysler dealerships in Westchester NY will depend to a great extent on how you approach this process, and in the current economic climate, the potential savings can be huge. We have put together a list of our top 10 tips to help you get the car you want at the price you want to pay.

1.    Know your priorities: Before doing any research on specific makes and models, look at what and who you need this car for and what are the main priorities for fulfilling these basic needs. Your Chrysler dealerships in Westchester NY will help you decide on a vehicle that actually suits your lifestyle and your pocket.

2.    Be prepared: Research different cars and when you feel you are ready to buy, go to the Chrysler dealerships in Westchester NY knowing exactly the make and model you want. Don't deviate from this without going away and carrying out more research of your own.

3.    Be cool: Leave your emotions at the door of the dealership. Car dealers are good at what they do and they know how to try to get you to make an emotional purchase (usually straight after a test drive!) Don't fall for the "this car won't be here tomorrow" line. It will and so will the dealer!

4.    Know the score: When you are researching the car model you are interested in - find out about all the standard features that come with the car and any incentives and cash-back options offered. These will be available at some Chrysler dealerships in Westchester NY so should be a given in any negotiations with a dealer.

5.    The price of the car is what you are negotiating, not what you can pay per month. Check out the market rates on this one as they can vary greatly. Don't limit yourself to what the dealership can offer.

6.    Let Your Chrysler dealerships in Westchester NY work for you: Let the dealer know you are serious about buying a car but only if you can get it on your terms. If they feel a deal in the air they may work harder to clinch it!

7.      Cross-shop: It's expected that you would have gone to other dealers and this can give you good leverage.

Remember to look at a number of Chrysler dealerships in Westchester NY as each one will have different special offers and be able to help you find the car of your dreams.

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